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Tuesday, June 22, 2004



You gotta love new beginnings. These are the times in which you begin to lie to yourself in a brand new way. Yes, I will lose weight. Yes, I will work out. Yes, I will make more money. Yes, I will become smarter. Yes, I will write better music. Yes, I will become better. Better. And I'm doing it all for me. Right.

You can't count the lies because they grow on top of each other and multiply until they've blanked out everything. How clear were things when I was a child? I hadn't started raising my own lies. I was who I found myself to be, not who I told myself I was.

At least I can stop feeling lonely. It seems to me that everybody is lying, if not to each other, to themselves. I know that's a blanket statement and as such is likely to be false, but if I were to put my money all on one blanket...
posted by Shane  # 5:40 PM
I have been reading your blog. Why have you not posted sence June? Your life seems very interesting and I miss not seeing what's going on with you. Please keeping posting!
all the post that you wrote is about you or what??????hey but i wish you will not be lonely just for the sake of all your useless friend!!!!
from:sabrina and nadiyah
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