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Monday, May 24, 2004



The aftermath. So now we've had that more (most) serious talk. Yes, that's the one in which our hero gets shot down in a ball of fire. It doesn't look good, folks. How will he get out of this one? Tune in next week...
Roy Orbison - Crying. Listen to it. Breath it, like I do. Feel it down in the depths of your shivering soul, like I do. Let his wails pierce your utter existence and then return.
I asked, "Never"? She shook her head, no. How?
Everyone always, in their infinite wisdom and knowledge of all the workings of the Universe, tells me that there's a girl out there for me. And I agree with them. It's just that what they haven't accounted for is the fact that I've met her, and she just doesn't like me.
In all fairness, she didn't choose for me to fall in love with her. She didn't steal my heart from my chest at night wearing a black body suit, dangling from the ceiling upside down so as to avoid setting off the alarms. It's more like it left on it's own choosing, my heart that is. It just ran away, like an abused puppy dog, and found it's new, gentler owner in D. But still, to blame it on a lack of "chemistry", that just makes me wilt. Everyone knows "chemistry" = lust, a simple chemical equation, processed in your brain and dug up from thousands of years ago, I've got articles by professionals in the field to prove it. Yeh, prove it. She just doesn't love me. That I can understand. No one has ever loved me, in that way. The future is not looking bright. Lights off! I wish I had the Clapper for life. Clap, clap! Turn that shit off.
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