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Monday, May 17, 2004



As the movie wound down he sat there in a state of expectance. It was his third time watching this particular movie, and this round was just as inconsequential as the last, except for his present company, and what was to follow. Throughout the entire course of the film he had been rolling the dialog over in his mind. How to time it right, what facial expressions to give, where to pause, how she would take it. The answer to the last bit was the big mystery, and it wasn’t one to be revealed by the films leading actress.
She stood up and sighed, “I should finish packing”. He sat motionless on the sofa, “I guess I’d better get going, and let you finish then”. “Thanks for coming by Shane”, she smiled and gave him that connecting gaze. He and she stood there, in the middle of the living room, and time stopped for a single moment, perceptible only to him. He blurted, “D, there’s something I need to say to you”. He could recognize a slight shift of confusion in her expression. “Normally, had I not been given a very meaningful piece of advice by a trusted friend, I would never even think about saying what I’ve got to say. That is, I don’t want to cause anyone trouble or any harm by these sorts of things. But, I’ve recently come to realize to not say it would be the greatest sin I could ever commit”. By now the shift of confusion had become slight parting of her lips, so endearing as to momentarily break his concentration. “D, I’m in love with you”.
The confusion started to spread with increased haste. Before she could gather her wits to respond he tried to make up for it, “But, I know you’re in love with Anthony. And I’m not trying to split you apart”. How could he, he lamented privately. “You don’t have to worry about my feelings, please, those were demolished years ago. I just wanted it to be known, for the sake of my own sanity”. He executed the pause, which signaled he was now finished and ready to find his lonely way home, just as he had imagined himself doing. He waited for her response.
She took a few seconds, only breaking her gazing connection with his sullen eyes briefly as his words sunk in. He could tell what ever would come next wouldn’t be good, but he’d known that from the start. He turned for the door but she grabbed his hand. He stopped in surprise and turned to face her with glint of hope. She said, “Don’t love me when I leave”. And with that, broke his heart for good.

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