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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

It's funny how emo music has evolved. It started as a pure, from the heart, way of expressing the artist's pent up angst. But it seems that after a while there's just too many people and it all sounds like whining. I'm sure that's what this blog sounds like. Note the name.

If I were to start my own band 3 or 4 years ago it would have been an emo band, and I hadn't even heard emo music back then. I think it's just too personal to expect everyone to grasp it.

Why do I feel ashamed to persue women? That's really the only thing stopping me now. My body and spirit are sound, now, but I still cannot "hit on" women. If I don't, then the women never know I'm interested, but it still feels wrong.

I think I've got this romantic notion in my head that when it's supposed to it will all come together. I won't have to do a thing; she won't have to do a thing. That's bullshit. There is no "one for me". She doesn't exist. The saying "there's a million fish in the sea" is an accurate one; and anyone you catch can be "the one" if you want her to be. So don't wait. Just find someone who makes you happy, and whom you make happy.

Or don't look for any ONE. Why do you have to get married? Because our western tradition says so. That's bullshit, too. The only complications it can cause are to people who are too hung up with our culture to accept it.

So here I am, with a somewhat radical viewpoint and not enough testicular fortitude to ask out women. Where's that leave me? Outside of everyone's reach. I'm just "weird" to you. Try giving it another name: insanity. Weirdo, freak, nut; it's all the same thing. I believe it too, so it must be right?

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