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Sunday, May 05, 2002

There's a girl I met a couple years ago, she is beautiful and every guy is attracted to her. I was no exception. I tried as best I could, in my inconspicuous ways, to gain her attention. She always went with other guys. I remember one day, as clear as can be, driving down the highway in my truck with her, the sun was sinking into the ocean over her shoulder and I was lost in her smile. We were together and something beautiful and harmoneous was happening, I could feel. I wish I could live that moment for ever.
I've always held that dear in my heart, I knew we had a connection, and somthing would happen, eventually. Everytime I would catch a hint of that smile on her lips I would remember and long. It's years later now, but I still had a feeling that day was special. But I wondered why nothing ever happened. I was so sure she had felt it too, she had to have realized the beauty in it.
She has a new Toyota truck now, she always drives it in the hills. And I never really noticed before how she would always talk with me about my Toyota Land Cruiser with such enthusiasm every time we're together. That makes sense though, and it explains alot. She loves the Toyotas and she feels so happy riding in them. That time in the truck was long ago, and time has faded that feeling, and so has my new insight. She's with some other guy tonight, but for me, I'll still remember how good that felt, that time gone by.
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