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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

It's been said that some people, when the world throws them a lemon, they make lemonade. They can be happy with whatever comes their way, or is it they can *will* everything to be ok? That's back to the old question of fate, but either way, they seem to get along fine. What does it feel like to be really truly happy? Is it what Buddhist monks feel when they achieve Zen? I think I felt it once while I was driving with a friend, but only for an instant. I was driving and she was sitting in the passenger seat. We were in my Land Cruiser and the top was down. We were driving by the ocean. For one moment we both looked at each other. We just gazed, each into the other's eyes, as we smiled. In fact I think there may have been a touch of Zen there, as for one fragment of that moment I was thinking of nothing at all. But I've never felt that good before and I've not since. It was a feeling of warmth, from the setting sun, from her beautiful smile, from the complete recognition. Unity. If I could be like that for the rest of my life, I'd live forever.
posted by Shane  # 7:36 PM
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